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Sage Alia Kimball

I am a singing/voice teacher. I am passionate about helping people unlock the true potential of their natural voice. Through the use of professional breath, voice and acting techniques, I help people release the tensions that block them from their most expressive and expansive voices. Together with my clients we work towards achieving your goals while maintaining the integrity and uniqueness of your natural voice. 

The very act of living in this world gives all humans tension. That tension almost always blocks or covers a persons natural voice. I believe in uncovering peoples true voices! Coming from a musical theater background really shaped the way that I choose to conduct my classes. I found that the musical theater world was a toxic environment for me in many ways, particularly because of the constant comparison and stress. Being in an environment that constantly tries to fit all kinds of different people into a mold that doesn't fit them causes immense tension which blocks the voice. That environment created tension in my body and vocal instrument that ultimately impeded my singing. I did, however, learn from the experience the importance of positivity and individuality. I also had to learn tools to rebuild and uncover my voice after trauma. I have actively chosen to focus on cultivating and celebrating individuality in my students, because only through celebrating uniqueness can you foster authentic singers. 

You are never too old or too young to start singing and uncovering your authentic voice. I have experience teaching children and adults. I believe in the importance of balance with the emotional and technical sides of singing and voicework. Through our process we will release the tension, overcome fears, learn breath and voice techniques and learn to use your voice to its fullest potential. Together we can work to overcome anything that might be holding you back! 

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I’ve been training and learning about my own voice since I was a child with the help of various teachers from both the US and Southeast Asia. I got a degree in Musical Theater from Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore where I was introduced to Fitzmaurice Voicework. I then completed the two-year Meisner program at William Esper Studio in New York. Before my formal training I worked for Theater FireFLY Repertory Company in Bali, Indonesia where I studied Rasa Box Breathwork.


 I recently re-located from New York City to Santa Barbara, California. In my free time I love writing and recording my own original songs as well as singing at open mic nights and jazz clubs in the Santa Barbara area.

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